Enterprise-wide data protection platform

The challenge of protecting confidential and sensitive personal data is not merely finding the right protection technology and matching it with the right encryption algorithm, the right anonymisation, or the right tokenisation from a security point of view.

It goes far beyond this. You will undoubtedly have encountered a range of data protection challenges such as:

Degraded performance, business logic not being maintained, data models not being eligible for protection, unacceptable user experience, business contexts not being taken into account, the data lifecycle only being partially addressed, overly restrictive business processing of data, and more.

Since its creation, REGDATA has worked tirelessly to reconcile various business, user, and performance aspects of data protection, all whilst applying a high level of security and remaining as unintrusive as possible.

As such, REGDATA found itself in a position to offer additional high value-added services:

Data compliance: Real-time, automatic, auditable security, and compliance reports.

Data value: Deep data analysis, preventing the identification of confidential and/or sensitive personal data.


Enterprise wide
application data protection


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