RPS can be an “On-Premises” or “SaaS” operating mode:
REGDATA On-Premises

Our Private SaaS solution allows all of our clients to benefit from the RPS Platform (RegData Protection Suite) within their IT System: In-House Data Centres and/or Public-Private Cloud. The client takes ownership of the solution internally to be able to provide the various services in-house and on-demand: Data Protection / Data Compliance / Data Value.

REGDATA On-Premises
Data protection service
managed by our clients

  • RPS Software

  • RPS operations via our clients

  • RPS Support on a 1st and 2nd degree level provided by our clients

  • RPS Support on a 3rd degree level provided by REGDATA

  • Customer Data Center
    (located in an internal or public Cloud data center)

REGDATA SaaS (Software as a Service):

Our REGDATA SaaS solution consists of a platform accessible only via the web with all on-demand services for the protection of confidential and/or sensitive personal data, as well as security and compliance reports. Installation of RPS software or infrastructure is not required on the side of the client.

Our customers use a data protection service via our REGDATA SaaS solution

  •  REGDATA SaaS Web Portal
    REGDATA SaaS Platform based on RPS Software

  • RPS operations by REGDATA

  • RPS Support on a 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree level provided by REGDATA

  • REGDATA data center located in Switzerland

Enterprise wide
application data protection


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