Data Compliance

  • Standard reports for EU-GDPR, CCPA, ECB, FINMA, CSSF, MAS, Swiss Data Protection Act
  • Automatic, real-time, and auditable reports
  • Security and compliance reports in case of a data leak in just a few clicks by the DPO and CSO
  • Reports accessible in MS-Power BI or Tableau

Various standard compliance reports, delivered with our RPS 3.0 Platform, are “ready for use” in seconds by DPOs (Data Protection Officers) as well as internal governance and compliance teams:

  • European GDPR
  • California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
  • Swiss Data Protection Act (DPA)
  • Banking regulations: FINMA, CSSF, MAS, AMF, ECB
  • Other, …
These can be provided to regulators as well as internal and/or external auditors very quickly and easily. For the European GDPR, you will have plenty of time to provide this evidence within the allotted 72 hours.

Various security reports can be generated on demand in case of data leaks and/or breaches of sensitive, confidential, and regulated personal data. These can be consulted in just a few clicks by the CSO (Chief Security Officer) who has obtained specific rights to analyse them.

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