Data Life Cycle

  • Dynamic protection and deprotection for data in production
  • Reversibility of protections over time
  • Dynamic, unencrypted access to archived confidential data by authorised users
  • Real-time tracking of saved, archived and erased data

Data protection doesn’t stop with data being produced. It also applies to saved, archived and erased data. 

For saved data

Data backups, by way of reversibility over time, remain independent of key changes made at regular intervals (corporate security rules), if dealing with encryption and/or tokenisation.

For archived data

Secure archiving through strong protection within the storage layer, whilst allowing authorised users to unprotect the archived data with cleartext viewing within the framework of a defined processing purpose.

For erased data

Erasure of data, in accordance with your rules, policies and the regulatory framework (e.g. data subjects’ right to be forgotten).

Enterprise wide
application data protection


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