Data Protection

  • > 120 data protection techniques
  • Integration of all your data protection contexts
  • Saved logic and business conditions
  • Unlimited events triggering protection
  • Identification of low performance overcosts
  • Data processing restricted to authorized users

Statically and dynamically protect confidential customer data, with all of our protection libraries: anonymization, pseudonymization, encryption, and tokenization:

For internal legacy applications- Hybrid Cloud or pure Cloud.
  • Whether they are structured, semi-structured or unstructured.
  • For production, pre-production, Test-development, quality, archiving, destruction, or publisher support environments.
Our protections integrate your various data protection contexts holistically:
  • Business contexts: Business users in the office, working remotely, in Europe, in the US.
  • IT contexts: Database Administrators, Systems Administrators with extended rights, Application Developers/Testers.
  • Compliance contexts: External Audit, Regulators, Internal DPO, Internal Audit..
  • Support contexts: External software publishers.

They integrate the various business rules contained in your applications involving fields and/or files to be protected.

They preserve all your data processing of each of the various business, IT, compliance and audit users:
  • Reading, creating, and editing data: Protected read, insert, change
  • Search and organisation of data: Searchable protection 
  • Data sharing: Secured data sharing
  • Data computation: Privacy-Confidentiality preserving analytics
  • Data queries: Advanced order preserving protection
  • Data filters, reports: Secured data filtering and reporting
  • Archiving, retrieval of archived data: Secured data archiving and retrieval
  • Data destruction: Secured data erasure

These protections do not affect the performance of your applications. Our performance and availability monitoring module demonstrates the “extra cost” and latency generated on the use of your applications, all very precisely and in real time.

Enterprise wide
application data protection


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