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01_Prove Your Compliance Without Risk
Avoid incurring heavy fines by demonstrating your compliance.

Compliance is becoming an increasingly critical function of business management regarding data, procedures, information exchange, data usage, and the long-term implementation of databases and systems.

Compliance Officers and other DPOs and CISOs are increasingly taking on the role of “Keeper of the Flame”. Unfortunately, this puts an enormous strain on the momentum and capacity for innovation of the business.

Meanwhile, the potential penalties for non-compliance can include:

    • Monetary fines
    • Loss of reputation
    • Client backlisting
    • Trusteeship
    • Termination of the operating license

The role of a COMPLIANCE officer is difficult because they must ensure:

    • The data in the company has been and remains sealed within the data structures.
    • Applications that are developed with an original usage purpose, change over time.
    • The evolution of regulations requires the constant and very expensive adaptation of old applications to bring them up to date.
    • The confidential data of applications have a fixed life cycle (saved, archived, and destroyed) in multiple environments (testing, development, integration, quality, and production)

A COMPLIANCE officer must therefore be able to take action at several levels, primarily, at the level of the usage of contextual data consumption by users in a wide variety of roles. This for all applications in the company’s portfolio, both existing and under development.

REGDATA offers a non-invasive tool for COMPLIANCE officers, allowing them to:

01_Define the data protection rules – ensuring consistency and coherence across all applications and types of usage of the company’s applications. This can be accomplished through impact assessments, policies and establishing a scalable and dynamic repository of these rules in RPS

02_Codify the rules into non-negotiable execution procedures – in a traceable manner through RPS configurations (audit logs, monitoring, and reports) provided when anyone uses data originating from the company’s applications or applications used in the cloud. These can be done in real-time and include warning alerts.

03_Produce proof of compliance- automatically generate documentation for regulators and other supervisory authorities.

04_Anticipate and react when a breach is identified – immediately contact the relevant authorities and provide all necessary self-declarations to protect against possible financial penalties.

02_Confidence in the Cloud
Use Cloud services with complete confidence.

The Zero Trust paradigm is becoming increasingly important in convincing business decision-makers to transfer internal applications by using SaaS applications for confidential, regulated, and sensitive personal data in the Cloud.

To achieve this Zero Trust goal, the company must have full, internal control over the protection of its confidential data and the evidence of protection compliance.

In practice, this means not utilising:

  1. Protection modules from the major global SaaS Cloud players that sell inclusive solutions combining the functionality of their applications (CRM, ERP, Collaboration, etc.) with protection and compliance aspects.
  2. Cloud Access & Security Broker (CASB) protection features that reuse the protection modules of the major global SaaS Cloud players.

You can greatly reduce the risk, by having your own in-house protection platform at your disposal, with protection technologies that are not connected with these major global SaaS Cloud players, which include:

  • The major global SaaS players business model relies on operational sub-contractors in countries around the world that do not meet the required level of sensitive personal data protection (namely EU-GDPR).

= Risk of the company’s non-compliance as a Data Controller using a Data Processor that does not comply with the regulations regarding sensitive personal data.

  • An injunction from a prosecutor or Department of Justice (e.g.: United States) can pressure a global SaaS player to obtain cleartext information via an employee of said global SaaS player (e.g.: Super IT Administrator working in the country where the global SaaS player is based).

= Risk of a foreign authority accessing your confidential company data in cleartext.

  • Global SaaS Cloud players will not always take the necessary measures to define the risk of a potential leak, or the reach of an actual leak for its clients.

= Risk of a potential leak with serious future unknown repercussions.

REGDATA offers a tool that acts as a trusted third-party backing the company to utilise Cloud services while avoiding all previously mentioned risks.

03_Develop New Business Models
Securely innovate and develop new business models.

The main trends in market innovation, whatever the business sector, consist of developing new services via platforms that are open to different players of varying sizes and sectors in a well-balanced ecosystem.

This phenomenon is defined by the term Platformification via open and scalable and evolving platforms (Open X Platforms) hosted in the Cloud (Public or Private).

The challenge for these new platforms is twofold: 

Achieving fast and continuous sales results that guarantee a positive Return on Investment (ROI): This factor is reflected in the successful coordination of all the actors involved with the platforms: from the user interface to the business functionalities, from data security to the data model itself. While in an approach for maximization each actor must “do what you do best.” 

Guaranteeing the global industrialisation of the service: Through these new platforms, this innovation can be sustained if all players involved develop a global solution with the following characteristics: 

  • Economically attractive 
  • Easy to use
  • Quick to use
  • Offering better features than past services
  • Offering customisable services 

In the data protection and regulatory reporting segment, the goal is to demonstrate that the platform can be protected over the course of millions of conversions per hour (Protection/Unprotection), for numerous clients with numerous operations. 

The goal is also to provide a periodic (annual or monthly) industrial security and compliance report service that can be easily consulted whenever necessary by those involved in compliance (Legal, DPO, CSO, etc.). 

REGDATA offers a tool that can be integrated into open and scalable platforms with:

01_A use-based rather than subscription-based pricing model.

02_A large capacity for automation and industrialisation.

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